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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, January 12, 2009

No cash in Ceska Kubice

Went to the €200+20 Winter Challenge at the Casino Savoy in Ceska Kubice (Czech Republic). Nice but small casino with five poker tables. The structure was not too bad (PF=20) and a total of 43 players showed up on day 1b. At the first day they had 36 players.

It was nice to meet Thomas and Silke again and we all had fun during the first levels. I was quite card dead but was able to get a good number of played hands anyway ... without losing too much of my 12,000 starting stack (8K was my lowest point). After the first break I was able to put some heat on several of the players and get to 15,000 with blinds at 150/300.

Unfortunately I had to give up JJ on a A-x-x flop (with some bettting before) and slipped down to around 10,000. Somewhat later I went out when I ran into a guy who wasn't able to let Pocket Aces go on a dangerous board. I wasn't in a bad position here as I had outs for a a flush and a full house but unfortunately missed both.

Anyway, I get more and more comfortable with the selective aggression of my new style. While my old way to play wasn't bad in general it was a little boring and lacked some kind of ingenuity. With the new style I enjoy the game much more and my play is less straight and more diversified.

My next big event will be the European Deepstack Poker Championships in Dublin. And I am offering some shares for this. There's a nice site called "ChipMeUp" were you can buy or sell stakes. I wasn't very excited about those staking sites in the past. But this one not only looks very professionell, they also got bought by PokerNews not long ago!

So if you like, get a piece of me. As always I can't guarantee for a win but will try my best!

On a side note: Congratulations to Nidal Echaust for making the money at the PCA, Bahamas. Nidal (a nice guy from our Munich home game) won our Xing Series in 2008. That win got him a PCA Bahamas package from PokerStars and finally he made 144th place of over 1,300 players. If you want to do the same please check "Immerwiedermontags" (german only) at Xing and join us for the 2009 series.


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