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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My next tournaments

Not much has happened since my last tournament in Ceska Kubice. But a lot has happend regarding the success of german poker players. Moritz Kranich, a nice guy I met first about three years ago at the PokerOlymp Open in Schenefeld, has won the EPT in Deauville. Congratulations to this great success!

After some kind of a small poker break I will contuinue with some online play during the coming week. On Monday I will play the $55 "Daily Eighty Grand" at PokerStars and on Tuesday it's the $69+6 (6-max) at FullTilt.

Next Sunday will be mainly watching the Superbowl. Not sure if I will get a few bets down. But if I have some bets they will be on Arizona without doubt.

The week after the Superbowl will be all Poker then: On Tuesday I will be at a small workshop with Vanessa Rousso in Regensburg (organised by Stephan Kalhamer). Should be very interesting and great fun.

On Thursday I start my trip to the "European Deepstack Championships" which will last till Monday.

I'm biased if I will play the FTOPS event #20 on Friday 13th or go to Vienna for the DeepStack tournament at the Montesino on Feb 14th. Or maybe I do both ;-)

So lots of poker coming up ... stay tuned for more blog entries in the near future.


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