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Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl betting

Superbowl XLIII is just 2 days 20 hours and 16 minutes away! I put down two small bets on the Cardinals betting the spread +7 and winning +180. If the Cardinals lose by more than 7 I will lose money of course. If they lose below 7 I will almost break even and if they win the superbowl I almost double my money.

I'm betting way less then I did during my sportsbetting years. At this time it's just some fun-betting to increase the tension of the game. Maybe I find some interesting prop bets in addition before the game but I doubt it.

Why do I think the Cardinals will win? Well, usually the right side at the conference championships and the superbowl is the better defense (which would be Pittsburgh). But the Cardinals showed that they can deal with good defenses. They remind me somewhat of the Patriots and Tom Brady in the 2002 Patriots vs. Rams game. The Patriots had been the absolute underdog (I think they got a +14 spread in 2002) but proofed everybody wrong.

Guess who was the Quarterback of the losing Rams team? Kurt Warner! History repeating? Kurt Warner winning the Superbowl now ... being the underdog with the Cardinals? Doesn't this sound like the perfect fairy tale story?

There are times for fairy tales to come true ... Sunday could be the right day for it. At least I haven't lost my believe in fairy tales ;-))


Göpfi,  4:43 PM  

Noch zwei Tage!! :-)

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