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Friday, October 15, 2010

Chilipoker Deepstack Open - the day before

I finally arrived in Vienna for the DSO. Day 1a is already running. They had 213 players and most probably will be down to around 100 by the end of the day. Day 1b, which will be my starting day, will most probably have more players. They expect around 350+ ... looks like a decent prizepool.

Today I went to the Concord Card Casino for a "Deep and Turbo" tournament but only lasted about 2 hours when my A's got busted by a flopped set of 4's. Went over to the Montesino to watch some of the Day 1a action and talk to some friends.

Already got my seat assignment and I will be on table 32 seat 1. Of course I will try to Twitter as much as possible - but if you want to follow the whole action I suggest you look at the Pokerfirma.de Live Updates which are really good and acurate.

Lots of well known names in the field tomorrow (including Andreas Krause and Liz Lieu). So time to go to bed to be fresh for a 12 level, 60 minute / level day that starts at 1pm.


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