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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chilipoker Deepstack Open, Vienna - Short Day 2

Unfortunately my Day 2 was much shorter then expected. I was placed on the exact same table as the day before (Table 32) but now in seat 9. On my former seat 1 there was now Ivo Donev who was quite short with about 49k. Too sad that I wasn't able to play a hand with him due to my short day. Didn't know the other players ... but not surprisingly some of them had a lot more chips then I  had ;-)

My turn came about 30 minutes into the level when I received AA in first position. Raised it to 7,500 at 1,500/3,000 (400) blinds hoping somebody tries a move on me. The usual raise at this table was 12-16k at this time!

Unfortunately all folded to the big blind who just called my bet. The flop was a disastrous all spades. My opponent checked, I bet 10k and he then re-raised me to 20k. I decided to see on the turn if he was making a move on me or not and just called. The dealer turned a red Queen and my opponent immediatly went all-in with about the same chips I had. Time to say goodbye to my rockets.

Now with just 37k my action was limited to push or fold. Actually I was limited to just fold as I didn't get anything even remotely playable for one and a half orbits. With just two more two the blinds I decided that 79 is my all-in. Everybody folded to the small-blind who went all-in instantly. I was up against AK. Could have been worse. Flop was great: 6-8-4 ... but no further help and I was out in 167th of 505.

Decided to play the East Masters at the CCC that night. It's a nice structured 10k chips, 25 min. levels tournament. Yesterday it looked a little like the DSO losers lounge ;-) And losing was ecaxtly what I did in the first three levels. I can't remember a tournament were I received more bad beats per minute then in this one! It was a wonder that I survived that long anyway.

So for tonight I will most probably play another small tournament at the CCC and that will conclude a weekend that started in a great way but didn't get the expected results.

Not sure about my next plans. Of course the DSO Marrakesh (which is directly before the WPT Marrakesh) sounds very interesting ... but I think I need a good win before or satellite my way into it to make this happen. Most probably will skip DSO Paris.

Looks like there are not many other bigger events left until the end of the year. Of course you can find me in Kufstein at some of their regular or sepcial events. The next event I am definately aiming for is of course the DSO Dublin in early February 2011!


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