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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Time for a small update

Unfortunately there wasn't much poker for me in the last days and weeks since I was busy with a lot of other things. So here's a small update for those who are interested.

After being back home from the UK the only bigger event I had played in so far was the grand opening of the new tournament area at the Poker Royale in Kufstein. It was a great success and both of their celebration tournaments had been a sell out. The room is wonderful and I enjoyed to see so many familiar faces (several of them being there for the first time).

I had a decent run in the first tournament but was stopped by some bad beats somewere with a third of the field left. In the second torunament I didn't ever made it above my starting stack and went out after a few hours.

For a full gallery of pictures from the Poker Royale grand opening stage 2 check at the end of this blog entry.

Since then I was very busy with training for our dance competitions. We already had the "Southern German Championship" (were we placed 5th) and our own club competition (were we became club champion the third time in a row) but there are more competitions to come. Fall is always a busy time here. Next are the German Championship in Rosenheim and the World Championship in Schaffhausen. For those who are interested I added a video form our last competition. Enjoy!

In addition to this already time consuming action the American Football season is in full swing too. Of course I am not playing myself ;-)) but do some betting analysis for Wettfirma.com and posting my picks there (german text only). I love to be back into sportsbetting but even with my improved charts it still takes a lot of time to prepare my picks every week.

This week was mainly devoted to some computer stuff as I went on a Linux course for system administrators. I was always interested in Linux but after that five days I really fell in love with Linux. Honestly considering moving to Linux compeletely and dumping that crappy windows entirely (although Windows 7 is much more decent then Vista). Only thing I have to figure out is what to do with iTunes :-(

So this was a lot of non poker stuff but no fear ... there will be more poker soon. My next big event will be the Chilipoker Deepstack Open Championship in Vienna (October 14th - 17th). Really looking forward to this: A great tournament in a wonderful card casino which is located in a very nice city ... life can be sooo good :-)

Poker Royale Card Casino, Kufstein - Grand Openeing Stage 2


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