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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Austrian Classics - the €100 NL Rebuy Event

"Spanische Hofreitschule" in Vienna

The second day of the Austrian Classics wasn't a good one for me either. Quite early I received QQ made a standard raise and a short stack went all-in. I called the rest and my Q's lost against AK as a K appeared on the flop. Now I was the short stack, didn't get much playable and had to rebuy for the first time during level two. Went all-in later again in level three (stack was shortend due to some folds against post-flop bets) with ATs and lost against AK as we both didn't get any help. 2nd rebuy. I was able to maintain my stack during the rest of the rebuy time and could even add a little as I flopped the nut straight with KQ once.

I took the add-on after the rebuy period and went into the post-rebuy time with a decent stack. Had a good start as I limped with a medium pair and decided for calling a raise as I was offered good pot-odds due to several callers in front of me. Even better: I flopped a set, was first to bet and everybody except one folded. The turn wasn't good for me as a third spade appeared. Many people may check here but I preferred to make a stand with a bet of half the pot-size. If he just called I would have seen the river (knowing to check and fold if I miss to improve) or I would have folded against any raise immediately. He was thinking and talking for a long time giving away so much information that I was sure he hadn't a flush and wasn't on a flush draw. So I changed my mind and would have taken him all-in if he decided to raise me here. He folded showing AT (no spades) for a pair of tens. Still a nice pot. After that I got some decent but dangerous cards (if contested) and was able to force the table to fold for several rounds in a row. Unfortunately this was only a small highlight and soon I went back to fold 62, 74 and more of my typical cards of the last two days.

The giraffe is protecting a small stack (Source: Concord Card Casino)

To make it worse I had to change the table and went from being upper level at the old table to lower level on the new one (comparing chips sizes). Nothing to report here for a long time. I went from decent to short stack quite soon as the blinds went up and the antes kicked in. Caught some blinds and antes going all-in with Ax suited or QQ (my best card all day). After recovering somewhat due to this I got JJ in middle position. Raised it and got two callers. Unfortunately I ran into an AKQ flop. The BB raised me almost all-in and I decided (after thinking for a while) to fold JJ again (you remember Schenefeld?). I know I was on a draw but the way he played it (and played before) I was sure that he either already completed the straight or had at least a set or two pair (giving him a lot of outs to improve either). He didn't show but said "good fold" (which seemed to be an honest comment). I saved a lot of my stack but still lost a lot due to my raise. The blinds and antes increased even more and I became super-short-stacked. KQ was the best I got but I wasn't able to go all-in due to an all-in raise in front of me. With 3,900 chips left (200/400, 50 ante) I finally went all-in on the button with J7. Got called by a big stack with KT and another middle stack with JT. What the hell are those people thinking? Everybody has his one style but commiting 25% or a third of their chips to an all-in raise in front of them isn't what I would call a good strategy (maybe I'm wrong). Well I should be happy that people are willing to triple me up ;-)) Unfortunately it shouldn't be this time. The flop was K7x. I had beaten the JT but was behind the KT. No further help and the old lady took out two at once and improved to a real big stack. Out on 71st of about 145 players.

Cort was still in the tournament at this time with a stack of 15,000 and miamivice was sitting on 17,000. Andreas Krause was still in but I didn't check his stack. So I hope they survive at least until the last two tables two make it ITM. BTW, Cort made the final table yesterday (10th place). Congratulations! Another player entering the Hendon Mob database as I expect the Austrian Classics to be listed there!

It was fun two play this tournaments (despite the results) and I wished I could have stayed longer. Unfortunately we had to leave as we are invited to the 40st birthday of a very good friend.

REMARK: Cort send me a message that he made third place! Congratulations again. I suggest to check out his blog for the full story: Cort's Blog


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