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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Friday, September 29, 2006

Austrian Classics - the €200 Pot-Limit Event

The good part was to meet Bla, Cort, Sutti again and Gerli, SickAndRich, Mishkin for the first time. It's always funny to meet "virtual" people in real life.

Shadow on the right (Source: Concord Card Casino)

"The giraffe" - my card protector (Source: Concord Card Casino)

Unfortunately there isn't much to report about the tournament itself. I played about 5 to 6 hands in around 4 hours. In the early beginning I had to fold raised JJ and TT on the flop due to huge overcards. After that I got no more hands. Heavily short stacked I went all-in and could recover a little as my AQ held against AJ in a big pot that almost tripled me up. We both made a 4-flush on the board with the Q being the better kicker.
Somewhat later I made a pot-size raise with AKs but got no callers and collected the blinds. My last hand was ATs beaten by AJ. Out on 81st position from 169 players.

The tournament itself was good organised by the CCC. The structure was o.k. with 3,500 starting chips. They offered a free dinner break with a nice buffet in a tent outside on the parking lot.

The dinner tent (Source: Concord Card Casino)

Tomorrow will be the €100 RB NL. With 1,500 starting chips but 3,000 chips AO this should be a decent structure too (as long as you are willing to take at least the AO).


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