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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's a small world

Today's poker-tester tournament wasn't a big success. I came 10 min late, got some small pots and lost half of my stack with K's against all-in J's. Next round I got the J's and lost the rest of my stack on a semi-bluff. So I left after 10 more minutes 51st of 57 players (a new record number of participants!).

Having some free time I decided to play a 180 player ($20+2) SnG at PokerStars. I had a good start but went card dead during the middle of the tournament. Finally went all-in (eight BB's left) with TT. Got called by the table-chipleader with AK ... a King hit on the flop and I was out at 56th place. Chipleader or not ... calling an all-in that may cost you about half of your stack with AK is a very "optimistic" play.

But there was something that made this tournament remarkable: While waiting for the tournament to start I saw a familiar city displayed in the players list. There was indeed a player from my own city (which is a quite small city near Munich). We had some nice talk during the tournament. He had a good start too but was hit heavily with a flush against a full house and went out sometimes before me. I tried to direct him to the poker-tester forum (avoiding any violation of the PokerStars rules). Hope he got the hint correctly as it would be fun to talk to him a little more.

And regarding my last "Winds of change" post:
It's now official that I quit my current job. We still have to discuss the final date but quite soon I will start with a new position. The new one will lead me to southern Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria. It will be a sales position for computer software. I'm really happy about the new position as I will work for a good and successfull company with great products. It's a nice area to work (I love Switzerland and Austria) and it will be great to be on the road again after three years in the office.


thecortster 1:58 AM  

Now that it's official, I can really say congrats! Switching jobs (and locations for that matter) is a pretty big deal, and I wish you the best of luck with your new position!

bitsun,  8:25 PM  

Viel Glück im neuen Job und natürlich beim Pokern.Dein Blog ist übrigens sehr gut.

Anonymous,  12:29 PM  

Hallo Harald,

für welche Firma darfst Du durch die Gegend schleichen? Ich bin gerade mal wieder in Shanghai... für 2 Monate, mal sehen, ob ich hier endlich Geschäft zum laufen bringe.

Viele Grüße

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