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Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a difference a day can make - 2nd day of the "Schenefeld Deep Stack Tournament"

The day started so great and so relaxed. Everything went fine up to the moment the tournament started. I never had any chance to get into my aggressive rhythm. There was something wrong with my "music" and I never could really figure it out. It was just one of these nights were you can try as hard as you want but nothing works right.

Our table was broken very soon and I got a seat at Cort's table. There's not too much about my hands that I can tell except that my stack mostly went down and very seldom went up. I was able to pick up some blinds and limper bets with good raises/all-ins but those decent hands or usefull position opportunities had been too rare to make any positive impact on my stack. I tried one steal attempt with a very questionable hand (not really my style but it was a good position play at that time). Unfortunatly I ran into a strong hand of Cort and had to fold pre-flop.

The whole night had basically three key hands for me:

No. 1: Raising with JJ in early position just to find an all-in from a late position raiser. He could have had a hand or not (he had played a lot of crap too). But I decided that with 12,000 chips (average was 15,000) and an opponent who had me slightly covered this wasn't the time to risk my whole tournament life. Not yet, not now!
I almost never show my cards but decided that if I had to fold those JJ they should at least be of any use. As this was shortly after the above mentioned raises/all-ins that had been all uncontested I thought it was time to show that I have a hand when I raise it. Just folding would have made me vulnerable to steal raises from several opponents. The comments I earned showed me that a lot of people don't understand the difference between an all-in raise and an all-in call.

No. 2: Last hand before the dinner break. I'm in the BB and the next level SB is lurking after the dinner break. I have around 5,800 chips (average was 17,000) and find KT. Bigstack in MP raises to 2,000. It's folded around, people get up to go to dinner... and Shadow raises all-in! Uuups ;-)) I was sure he hadn't anything big. I expected something like JT. At least I was sure he was on a steal. He thought for a short moment, called (that's the crux if you're super-short-stacked) and showed 55. Yes, he was on a dinner break steal but with a better hand than expected. But I stil had two overcards. The flop brought me an open-ended straight draw and I had about 10-14 outs at this time. Turn was blank and the river paired my Ten. The guy wen't almost nuts. "How could you call this but fold JJ"? Different circumstances require different game plans!
This cost him an important part of his big stack and he went out not long after the dinner break.

No. 3: Again no cards for a long time and my 12,000 stack melted down to 7,000 (average was now about 23,000). The next blinds came closer and closer being 500/1,000 with a 100 ante. It was folded to the guy next to me who raised to 2,500. That was a weired raise for him. Looked like he wanted to get the pot now but at the same time trying to minimize his risk. I had originally planned to go all-in with my KQ but re-thought it after the raise. Anyway, KQ was my best hand for ages. The blinds were lurking. There wasn't much I could do so I raised all-in. He thought for a long time but finally called and flipped over 22. The flop paired my Q, the turn was blank and the river was a 2 ... oh, hell! Out on 23rd position. This guy played amazingly bad the whole night but had all the luck in the world. He busted Bedros' AA with Q9 making runner-runner Q's. He busted another AA with 66 getting a 6 on the river (and that's only a small selection of his weired pre-flop all-ins) ... and now me!

Too bad but not dissapointing (well, a little). Making 23rd place in this field and that tournament (it was the first time I played that kind of a tournament) is a decent result but doesn't pay any money :-((
Michael Keiner went out shortly before the dinner break and day 1 chipleader Andreas Krause somehow managed to lose a big chunk of his chips during the evening and went out somewere between 14th to 20th position. Same happend to miamivice.

And what's about Cort? I think you will find the details in his blog but he went out on 13th place with the same hand (but other opponent) that busted me: KQ
He was super-short-stacked and had to make a move but AJ busted him. To sad because 10th place was the first ITM for about €1,200.

We left after Corts departure so I can't tell you who made it to the final table. Katja and Jan had been still in (but with below average stacks if I counted them correctly) sitting next to each other on seat 1 and 2. Andreas Krause was seat 10 on the same table before he was busted. Poor guys on the right of them ;-))
I think you will find the results on Jan's page or the german PokerStars blog very soon.

Great tournament with an ending that could have been better ... next station: Austrian Classics.

Jan has released the results in the German PokerStars Blog. Winner was Benjamin Kung from Berlin, Runner-Up was Dr. Schwarzer and 3rd place went to Jan himself. Unfortunately Katja went out one place after Cort also short before the money.
I had the opportunity to play with Benjamin at the same table for some time and I'm happy for him to win this tournament. He is not only a good player but also a very nice person to play with. Congratulations!


Anonymous,  2:27 PM  

Schicker Bericht!
Mir tats auch leid, als Du ausgeschieden bist - gott sei dank war ich nicht Schuld...:-))

War nett Dich zu sehen, bis bald!


Shadow 2:49 PM  


Und Dir auch viel Erfolg bei Euren kommenden Turnieren.
Wir sehen uns in Wien ;-))


Benjamin Kang,  10:46 PM  

Schöner Bericht ! Vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche - ich bin nach dem Turniergewinn auf Pokerreise gewesen... Das Resultat hier http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=65790 Gruss, Benjamin

Shadow 6:23 AM  

Na das hat sich ja wirklich gelohnt :-)) Gratulation zu den weiteren Erfolgen.


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