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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thoughts about online poker

It seems it's no fun for me anymore to play online. After I came back from the last Vegas trip (and lot's of live play) I hadn't much time to play online (at least I thought that was the reason). Then I played a great live tournament in Bregenz and more is coming up: I signed for the €700+50 in Schenefeld and I will play the €200+20 PL at the Austrian Classics (and most probably the €100+20RB NL the next day).

The last days I started to play some online tournaments again and the results were bad and I didn't have much fun. Don't get me wrong: It wasn't much fun because of losing it was vice versa. I lost because I played badly due to the fact that it isn't much fun for me to play online.

It seems I'm really infected by the live game virus and with several opportunities coming up around Germany I will try to keep my money and invest it in some more trips and opportunities for playing live. As said in the Bregenz post I was mentally dead after all those hours of playing the tournament there but it felt so much better than a single hour online.
I will continue with some classic tournaments like the poker-tester or the openBC tournaments (because it's fun to play with those people). But despite that I will limit my online play to some satellites trying to sneak cheaply into some bigger tournaments.


Anonymous,  8:13 PM  

One of your old CardCounting-Fellows, Florian, here :)

Couldn't agree much more with you on that. Played the Aachen-Weekly twice in the last weeks (missed the final table by getting rivered with AK vs. J7 - probably the most exiting moment of my carreer (that's the wrong word), though :) Just play online-cashgames to pay the buyins for the B&M-Tournaments from now on.

Planing to play some of the Wiesbaden-Tournaments in October. If you'll be there one day, just announce it here, as I still owe you at least a drink for all that support during the BJ-Times!

All the best for you and keep it up! An own profile at TheHendonMob-Database surely is a milestone :)

Shadow 6:54 AM  

Nice to hear from you :-)
I may play Oct 2nd and 3rd in Wiesbaden but it's not sure yet.

Yes being in the HendonMob-DB is a something special - even if it's only one tournament right now :-))

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