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Monday, November 13, 2006

Another small success

After I busted out quite early in the last poker-tester and openBC tournaments I made it to the final table in todays poker-tester tournament.

There was a reason for my failure in the past. I played very aggressively but was overbetting several times ... building big pots out of position. Avoiding this mistake helped me in Schenefeld as well as today. I'm still aggressive and you have to find an unraised pot if the Shadow is involved. But I do care much more about position now. If you don't know what I'm talking about I suggest to read Phil Gordon's Green Book or his Blue book (or both if you don't know either).

We had 46 players this time. And I made 6th place with 9 being ITM. And I busted Cort with KK to collect the bounty! Unfortunately I was falling back into my old mistakes (see above) and was busted with A10 vs. AK by the eventual winner of the tournament. I should have waited just two more rounds (and I had enough chips to do so) and I would have made at least 4th, maybe 3rd place. Position, Position, Position!!!


Florian,  1:02 PM  

Okay, diesmal lag es im Gegensatz zum letzten mal nicht an Dir, dass wir es nicht an einen Table gebracht haben, da man dummerweise mein Backdoor-2-Pair-Allin gecallt hat (sollte nicht passieren) und ich als 22. gehen durfte ;-)

Vielleicht beim nächsten mal :)

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