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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday Tournament in Schenefeld (€200+10)

As always I love to combine business and fun. I had to go to the northern part of germany for a two-day business trip and decided to make it to Schenefeld again.

This time they had 26 players on 3 tables. Due to some traffic jam because of a concert (George Michael) several locals arrived late and the managment decided to start the tournament about half an hour late (which was o.k. for me). I knew several people from former tournaments - including Jan and Katja. Katja was on my table and I hoped for some interesting play ;-)) We had been on the same table for some time during the "Deep Stack Tournament" but didn't play much hands in that time. Unfortunately Katja was somewhat unfortunate and busted out early. That's always the problem with this kind of tournament (15 min. blinds, doubling every level) ... you have to take some risks or you will be behind quite early.

I was a little more lucky to pick up some medium pots. Therefore I was able to maintain an average (or slightly above average) stack for most of the time. There was one key hand for me that I won't describe in detail for obvious reasons: I was in the big blind with a hand that usually doesn't allow to call a raise. UTG just made the minimum raise and I decided to call that one. I wouldn't play this kind of hand in better structured tournaments but as said before in this tournament you have to make some speculative moves (especially when you get them quite cheap). The flop was a poker players dream as I flopped a straight that couldn't be seen easily by my opponent. Unfortunately the turn made a flush possible. River was meaningless. Finally I was faced with the decission to call a raise from my opponent on the river. That was a tough one as I could have faced either a higher straight or a flush. Due to his betting pattern I expected him having trips or two pairs but I couldn't be sure. Most probably I would have laid down that hand in a bigger tournament as I had to risk the most part of my stack on this hand. But in a structure like this there was no way I could get away from this hand. And I was rewarded as he had the lower straight.

As the blinds started to bite even my average stack I was dealt AT in the BB. Two people (who I had covered) went all-in in front of me. Usually that would have been a classical fold. But I expected both to play with medicore cards and considered the possibility that I was ahead at this time. With the big blind paid already and the opportunity to double up I decided for a call. I was right this time. Don't recall the cards completely but it was two face cards (no pair) for one player and something like Jx for the other. No help for either of us and Ace high was good. That put me into good shape. Still low comparable to the blind levels but good compared to the average. Think I was about 2nd to 3rd in chips at this time. That amount allowed me to sail into the money (5 players) as I was card dead for some time.

We lost player five and I busted player four. Had him covered with A8 vs. a low pocket pair as I made a 8 high straight. There's always some luck involved and this time I had the lucky end. Unfortunately I couldn't survive my next all-in (7,000 chips at 1,200/2,400 blinds) with J9s. Second place had me slightly covered and I was out on 3rd place earning € 950,- Not bad for two hours of fun.

This could be a great tournament but unfortunately the blind structure makes it a hard one. The tournament started last year as a STT. The blind structure was o.k. for that. But with three tables they should add at least two levels in between to make it a really good tournament. I know that this is a time issue as they only have a total of three tables. But maybe they get one day rid of the two Black Jack tables in front and permanentely add one or two poker tables!

They will host another "Deep Stack Tournament" (€500+40 / 5,000 start chips / 45min levels) with up to 70 players on December 2nd/3rd. Hope I can change my time schedule to play that one!

Remark: Hamburg is no definately on my list of preferred travel locations: They have poker and now they also have Starbucks here. :-))


Anonymous,  12:17 PM  

War schön Dich zu sehen...leider kurz für mich aber gratz zum 3.Platz!
Bis Dezember.

comatic 11:54 AM  

hi shadow,

i added you to my bloglist on http://comatic.blogspot.com/

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