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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FTOPS Satellite at FullTilt

The "openBC tournament" was uneventfull (at least for me). Went out 14th of 14 after my bankroll had shrinked fast due to some more or less severe bad beats.
So I decided to try a satellite for one of next weeks FTOPS events at FullTilt Poker.

Didn't get much in the beginning, was lucky one time to catch a three on the river after being all-in with 33 vs. 66. After that I got some good cards and could pull some good moves. At the final table I went out 8th of 90 with this hand: Was dealt JJ in the big blind. UTG (who had about double of my chips) called, everybody else folded to me. Went all-in (with 5xBB left) and was called by UTG with 44. A four on the flop and another one on the river sealed my fate. Still some money but no seat for next weeks FTOPS.
At least this was after a long time an online-tourney (except for the openBC & poker-tester tourneys) I really had fun with. Some things went the right way and I was able to pull some good moves and get respect (either as a big stack as well as a short stack).

A golden FTOPS avatar would be a great thing for sure (as well as the money to win) ... long way to go!


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