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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stardust Las Vegas is closing forever tonight

Just read a sad post on 2+2 telling that the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas closes his doors forever tonight.It was known for a long time that the Stardust is done and Echelon will follow but I wasn't aware of the actual date.

It wasn't one of the fanciest places and I don't have the best memories regarding this place as it's one of the few places that gave me the "we don't like your style of play" speech during my Black Jack times.
Nevertheless it's a place with great history. Some of the history and the man who influenced the Stardust in his early years (try to google Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal") can be seen in Martin Sorsese's "Casino" with Robert DeNiro. I will miss the big Neon-Sign displayed in so many films, clips, reports about Las Vegas. I will miss the race & sportsbook. Old but one of the best in Las Vegas.

Of course the new four billion dollar Echelon will help to make the North-Strip a great part of the new Las Vegas. But after 48 years another icon of the old Las Vegas will be gone.

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