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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad Beat Weekend

I'm usually not the person to moan about so called bad beats. I know that they are only negative statistical variance. But this weekend was somewhat tough. It continued like it started yesterday...

You read about the KT that killed my queens on thursday? Well, it was exactly that KT again that made me exit the Freezout at the Poker-Club in Salzburg one day later. I had about 9,000 chips in the 200/400 level. Received JJ in the SB. Almost everybody limped and I made it 1,200 to go. Everybody except one player folded. Flop was JQA. As the pot was almost 5,000 due to the huge number of limpers I bet 2,500 and was reraised to 5,000. Calling wasn't an option as I would be left with less than 3,000 chips. I put him on AQ and went all-in. But again somebody thought it is a good idea to call a three bet pre-flop raise with KT and was rewarded.

Played some more games of my 6-max challenge and I'm now 42% ITM (1st or 2nd) and 14% winning for a decent win after 21 games. Way to go ... but I feel more and more confident with those games. Unfortunately my last one tonight was a dissapointment. Was in good shape. Got KK, raised pre-flop and got called. Flop was 468. Caller made a pot size bet and I was sure that I was ahead. Went all-in (he had not many chips left after his bet) and got called with A7. An Ace on the river left me crippled and resulted in an exit on 4th place.

Before that I played the 350K Sunday-WarmUp at PokerStars. First hand I was in the big blind and got 34. Two limpers, flop comes 344 .. wow! Check, Check, Check. Turn is an 8. Small bet, fold, fold. Damn! During the 3rd level I made a 10-high straigt flush. Not a big pay day as I completed on the river and it was checked or small bet before. I lost several races like two pair with lower two pair, flush against higher flush and things like that. Finally had to go all-in with KJ just to be called by AJ. Far away from the money.

I know there are much worse bad beats but it seems that this weekend I lost all the key situations that would have lead to stacks that would have allowed me to make it into the money quite easily. But that's poker. In the short-run you have to play good and win your key races to be successfull. And one of these two requirements can't be influenced. Over the time it will even out and the fact if you are a good player or not will be the important factor. But as said before, it hurts especially during days like these were you know you played a good game...


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