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Monday, March 05, 2007

Not a good night for playing online tournaments

I was in Paderborn early enough to take part in the "PokerAcademy tournament" at PokerStars. Unfortunately Stars stalled during the second level. I was in a hand with JJ and half of my stack. It took about 15 minutes until the tournament continued. Good thing was that I won my hand. My opponent folded because he went back late, well maybe he would have folded anyway. But I still was somewhat short stacked. Unfortunately the blinds continued during the outage (which doesn't makes sense). Why does Stars not pause the whole tournament for that time? Some times later I choose the wrong time for a bluff as I lost against QQ. Out 46th of 67 (which was an all-time high of participants).

Went over to FullTilt and decided to play the scheduled $30+3 DeepStack. Won some, lost some and had a medium stack as FullTilt started to experience technical problems and went down. Unfortunately their problem is much bigger. As I write this they are still down (for more than two hours now). Tough beat for FullTilt as this may result in a cancellation of the "Sunday Guaranteed" tournament.

No further information available about what happend but it's at least strange that two poker-room pages crash on the same day. As the FullTilt Website is slow too a DoS-Attack (Denial of Service) may be possible. But this is just an assumption. There may be other reasons. Those two incidents may even have no connection at all...


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