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Friday, March 16, 2007

Two Queens busted by a lady

Went to the Casino in Salzburg at Schloss Klessheim to test the new €100 Freezout tournament. The structure is not that bad as you get 3,000 chip. Blinds start at 25/50 with 25 minute rounds (20 min. from the 3rd level). So it's playable but nothing special. But the downside is that this is the worst organized tournament I've ever seen. I never excepted this from a "real" Casino. It seemed nobody really knows who is responsible for what. They have 4 tournament tables but one of those tables is in a separate room. No tournament screen and to make it more worse: no central tournament clock. The tournaments at the Poker-Club are far more worth to play than this one.

The tournament had 43 players and I had a really good start. Within the first two hands I added about 800 chips to my stack due to aggressive play. I folded the next two hands and woke up with QQ in EP on the third. Raised to 150. Everybody folded to a young lady in LP who raised it to 500. Mmmh, difficult decision. I haven't seen her play but due to her talking and overall behavior I was sure she had a hand but it wasn't AA or KK. Most probably JJ or TT. The flop came 972 rainbow and I bet 500. She raised it to 1,000. This was the moment something told me to let this hand go. But the flop looked too good for me. Turn was a 3. I checked, she bet 500. Damm, small enough to see the river which brought another 2. Checked it again and she went all-in with about 1,100. So I got 5-1 for my QQ's to win a pot of 6,000 total ... tough decision again. I paid and she showed 99 for a full house. Wow! She overplayed her pocket 9's pre-flop but instead of being punished for it she got rewarded by another 9 and played the rest of the hand very well. Congratulations!

I was down to 760 chips and folded my way to the next rounds as I didn't get much playable. Had to change tables and shortly after the change got AQ on the Button. Raised all-in, got called from the SB with JJ. Ouch! But the board gave me another AQ. With 2,600 chips I wasn't back in comfort zone as the blinds had climbed to 100/200. Had to fold to a reraise and wasn't able to defend my blinds for some time. At the end of this level I got AJ on the button. MP raised it to 500, two callers. I went all-in with 1,200 chips and the original raiser folded as well as the next player. But the last caller decided to play his AK. Another AK on the board ended my tournament on 33rd place

I'm still thinking about this QQ hand wich was crucial for my tournament life. The good thing is that I had a good read on her per-flop. Her re-raise on the flop made me think for a long time and I was close to let the hand go. This was definately my biggest mistake here. Even with the innocent looking board something told me that this wasn't right. Another borderline decision was to call her all-in at the end. O.K., I got 5-1 with a big pot but I wasn't pot-committed. Had I folded here I still had about 1,800 chips left during the end of the 25/50 level. So she made the initial mistake by overplaying here hand but I made much more mistakes after that and deserved to lose this hand.


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