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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sebastian Ruthenberg makes the Final Table at the EPT in Dortmund

Sebastian Ruthenberg aka Luckbox made it down to the last 8 players of about 500 playing in the first EPT tournament ever held in Germany. He's now at the final TV-table which will start at 6pm tonight.

I wish him all the luck and success ... although it was him who beat me out of the ICE tournament in Bremen (which he later won). At least it doesn't hurt so much to lose against a good player. And he showed in many performances before that he is indeed a good player and it's no fluke that he's at this final table now.

He's currently 3rd with 717,000 chips. The Chipleaders Christian Blanco and Andreas Hoivold have 1,258,000 and 750,000 chips. So Sebastian is in good shape and everything is possible!!!

You can follow the action live on http://www.eptlive.com

Follow-Up: Congratulations to Sebastian for a 3rd place! Well done. Another cool information: At this time he is ranked 34th of 1,279 players in the "CardPlayer Player of the Year (POY)" ranking. Tied with players like Liz Lieu, Andrew Black and Richard Toth.


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