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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A tale of two tournaments

Now that was fun! Again both forum tournaments (poker-tester and xing) on the same day. Luckily this time with a one hour difference. Found a nice bar in Hannover called VIVA that offered free W-LAN. They also have a lot of tables with power-supply close to them and you can sit in a way that not everybody sees what you are doing on your computer.

Had a great start but cards went cold soon and I became short stacked for most of the time in the xing tourney (42 players). Managed to make it to the final table but finally got busted with the nut flush draw. Unfortunately only first five got paid.

But in the poker-tester tournament (47 players) I had a very impressive run of cards in the beginning. Not really big hands, but good playable hands that always connected someway with the board. The three or four people I busted in less than 15 minutes will definately hate me from now on. But to my excuse: I was underdog for only one time when a miracle 10 made me trips and ended somebodys tournament. Due to this run I was chipleader or in the top 3 for a long time in that tournament.But later I got an opponent that liked to play back at me all the time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play back as I didn't hit anymore of my cards. Slowly but steadily I went down from top of the list to medicore stack. More worse was the fact that due to some weired table balance all the short stacks had been on one table and all the big ones on the other table. Therefore it took ages to go down from 14 to the final 9. But I managed to make the final table here too. But not only my chips but also my time was running out as the bar were I played wanted to close. Went all-in very short stacked wit K9 on a A79 board (being fully aware that the Ace could be my bust card). Unfortunately that was exactly what happend as my opponent showed AQ. No further help, went out on 9th again (but ITM here). The people at the bar went home and I had a nice evening that could have had much better results. But I wasn't running good in both of these tournaments for some time. So reaching two final tables in one night was really nice.

BTW, is there any place in the world were you can't find poker? Maybe, but the CeBIT isn't one of them. One Exhibitor has a poker table there and they run a little tournament. The person with the most chips at the end of each days wins a chip-case. Turbo blinds but fun because it's a freeroll. And what does poker have to do with the CeBIT? This company makes security software and their slogan is ... "don't gamble with your security".


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