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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back home in Munich

Sorry for not posting directly after my return but there was a lot to do in the last days.

Unfortunately my last two small tournaments in Dublin hadn't been a success either. I booked a small win during a cashgame session at the Sporting Emporium ... but of course not enough to break even for the trip.

But nevertheless this was a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed meeting Silke and Thomas as well as Benny and his brothers again. We had a good time at and away from the tables. Congrats again to Cat O'Neill for her 4th place finish at the IPO. I had played at the same table with here for some time during the Deepstack Championships in February and she well deserved that final table appeareance!

Not sure about my next plans. Of course I will play the Pokertour.at final on Dec. 5th at the CCC in Vienna. I would love to play the Poker Royal Masters Main-Event in Wiener Neustadt end of November but decided that I need either have a good run in smaller events until then and/or get a good number of shares sold at ChipMeUp for that one.

Currently I try to be at the Poker Royale Kufstein once a week. Starting with the tournament of the day and continue with some cash game if I bust early. Last Thursday I had a good run early on but then ran a good portion of my stack into a flopped straight. Never really recovered from that. The following cashgame session was fun but ended only with a tiny win.

In addition I will again hit the online tables trying for some good step-results on pokerstars. I have accumulated some FPP's and now use them to get as many step-tickets as possible. As soon as all FPP's are used I will start trying to "step-up".


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