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Saturday, October 17, 2009

IPO Day 2 ... some photo impressions

Day two has started about an hour ago and I took some photo impressions from the start.

We have at least two poker couples in todays field:

Silke & Thomas from Munich, Germany

Cat O'Neil & Rob Taylor from Ireland

Other known players in todays field include:

Maria Demetriou from Nottingham, England (left)
Andy Black from Ireland (right)

Noel Furlong, Ireland, WSOP Main Event Champion 1999 (left)
Jesse May, The Poker Show (right)

I am now on my way into the city of Dublin for some sightseeing and on to the tournament at the Sporting Emporium at 8:30pm. Hopefully I haven't used up all my luck today as I just escaped a heavy traffic accident on a crossroad that I passed just seconds before while being on my way back to the hotel!


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