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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My first ever Royal Flush

It took me almost five years and three straight flushes until the first one ... but now I got it: my first ever Royal Flush. It was only a small tournament and it was created with just one hole card. But nevertheless it was this one and only absolute unbeatable hand. And I even got a decent payout for it.

The whole tournament went very good for me until I ran my JJ into AK of a very aggressive big stack to my left. All the money went in preflop, he spiked an Ace immediately on the flop and I was crippled never recovering. Of course at the end my AJs ran into the same guys pair of sixes. Guess what? A six on the turn and a meaningless Jack on the river sealed my fate.

Just two more days until Dublin. This will be a great weekend. Hopefully I can make a lot of people very happy as I sold most of my shares for the events I play in Dublin. So far there are only four shares left for the main-event at ChipMeUp.

Wasn't able to go to Kufstein for some time due to time restrictions but hope to do so next week as they are still running hot.

The un-official german players get-together in Dublin will happen on Thursday at 6:30pm at Cassidys Bar, 27 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. I reserved some extra seats so just come over if you like to meet us.

Today I got the printed Pokerfirma Magazine that they created due to their one year annniversary. They produced a real nice piece here. I've contributed a long article about Twitter and the WSOP and it's much fun to see my first ever printed article in a magazine.

So this day gave me two nice "first ones". I take this as a good sign for the upcoming trip ;-) Will try to twitter from that trip as much as possible but can't guarantee if the local condition will allow this or not. We will see!


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