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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next stop Dublin

Just a few more hours till the next highlight of the 2009 poker year. The IPO is around the corner and tomorrow I am on my way to Dublin.

First of all I have to thank all my backers at ChipMeUp! Both events - the main event as well as my side event at the Sporting Emporium - are completely sold out. That is terrific and I will try my absolute best to make this a winning trip for all of us.

Although the main event is sold out registration will officially close tomorrow at noon. But so far it seems that we have 1,419 players that will create a prizepool well above $300,000. There are several pros in the field including names like Andy Black, Surinder Sunar, Padraig Parkinson, Fintan Gavin, Noel Furlong, Jesse May, Maria Demetriou and many others.

I got confirmation from the organiser that there should be WLAN access in the tournament area or at least close to it. So look out for some heavy twittering the next days ;-) In addition Irishpokerrankings.com has promised to put me on their homepage (together with other twittering participants). They will also broadcast live radio reports onsite. If you are interested in more then just my updates this page might be the best source for information around.

Almost everything is set so far (I only have to pack my suitcase) and at 10am I'm on the way to Memmingen Allgäu Airport for my Ryanair flight to Dublin.

As said, there will be lots of twittering and blogging in the next 5 days ... so enjoy :-))


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