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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The day before the IPO

This will be just a short update as I am very tired and need some sleep.

The trip to Dublin was uneventful except for the fact that I arrived with 12kg in handluggage. Ryanair only allows 10kg and in Memmingen they forced every piece to be put on the scale. So I started to pack the most heavy pieces into my pockets ... just to put everything back into my handluggage once I had passed that control point. So ridiculous! On the plane I fell asleep immediately and even overslept the landing. I told you ... I am tired ;-)

The Skylon Hotel is a nice place. Rooms are small but clean in general. And if everything works out correctly I won't be in the room for long anyway. They have free W-LAN in the lobby but unfortunately not in the rooms.

Before I went to the get-together at Cassidy's I took a short look at the Regency. The Regency is just a seven minute walk away from the Skylon and fortunately the weather is much nicer and warmer than in Germany. Stephen and his team were already working hard to get the room(s) setup for tomorrow. In the meantime they also published the seat drawing and I will be sitting on table 30 seat 6. Don't recognize any of my tablemates.

Wish you all a good night!


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