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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Being sick

That awful freezing table at the first "Second Chance Tournament" made me sick. I got a bad cold. Played the "Second Chance" once again (sitting there with a really warm coat) and made 38th of 117.

Took a look at the start of the WPT at the Gold Strike. Daniel Negreanu was there (same table with Barry Greenstein) and Mike Matusow sharing the table with John Juanda.

The next day my cold became worse. Unfortunatly it was my travel day. So I drove to Memphis, went on the plane to Atlanta and then on the plane to Orlando. I hadn't eaten for about 24 hours and had a bad stomach feeling (mostly to the cramped conditions as I was sitting on a window seat). I almost passed out due to low blood preassure on the way to the planes lavatory. That was really scary! The crew members provided me with a better seat and some energy bars and drinks. That really helped. I felt better and was able to go to the hotel on my own.

I still suffer from the cold but start feeling better. So hopefully I will be o.k. when my conference starts on Monday.


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