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Monday, January 09, 2006

Now I really start to get nervous

Less than a week until my flight to Memphis and my first WSOPC tournament.
Looks like the first tournaments had been huge: 900 - 1,300 players. First place got over $100,000 and runner-up still over $50,000. I expect about 500 players for the Shootout but I wouldn't be surprised if it will be more.
Unfortunatlly I will miss both of the NFL playoff games next Sunday as I will be still in the air during the games :-((

After arriving in Tunica early evening I will reserve my seat for Monday and get a first impression of the atmosphere. It will be hard not to jump on a good cash game immediately. But I decided that beside some lurking and a good meal nothing else will happen that evening. I will go to bed early and try to be prepared and focused for the tournament. There should be plenty of time for cash games and other stuff after the tournament as I stay in Tunica until Friday.

As far as I know there will be wireless internet connection at the Grand so it the SMS thing doesn't work I will report immediatly after the tournament - hoping that you have to wait for a report for a long time ;-))
The tournament starts at noon (19:00 MEZ) and they will play until 2am (09:00 MEZ). Play will resume 2pm the next day (21:00 MEZ)

Blind Structure & Rules


thecortster 12:03 AM  

Hey Shadow,

Good luck in Tunica, I will be definitely be following the updates on your blog. Is it a 2-day event if you make the final table?


Shadow 6:30 AM  

Yes, at all the events the final table will be next day.

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