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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tampa Bay - Washington tonight (NFL - no poker)

I allways knew that this day will come - this game will be a true nightmare for me.

Tampa Bay is by far the team I love most in the NFL. Unfortunatly the line was TB -2.5 / WAS +2.5 and WAS is the better choice here. So I bet WAS +3 (buying a half point) together with +0.5 @ 1st half and the under37.5 for the game. Now I have to watch the game routing for TB but hoping that they will win by less than 3 points. Further more hoping that it will be a low scoring game.
If TB wins I still have a live future for them winning the conference - but they have to win two more games for that, so I would prefer not to lose my WAS wagers.

If you like to join me in my pain: You can find me tonight at the Champions Sportsbar (Marriott Munich) wearing full Tampa Bay gear ;-))


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