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Monday, January 16, 2006

Out at the end of level 2

Out 3 min before the end of level 2 as 7th on our table. No cards but was making some good moves. It took us 30 min to see the first river. Had to fold AK two times vs. dominating raises. Went shortstacked after folding A9 vs. what I think was a high pocketpair. No cards . . . finally went all-in at the button-1 with Q10. Bad timing! Got called by QQ, Q on the river and over...

Prizepool was $96,700 with 220 players total. 22 places got paid. First prize was $29,975 and a $10k seat for the main event coming weekend plus a Ring (at WSOPC they get rings instead of bracelets). Winner: Wendell Barnes (Charlton, MA, USA)


selecti 12:17 AM  

Ouch, that's not what I was hoping to read!

Good luck at the cash games and satellites, and keep us informed...

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