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Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a heartbreaking loss (NFL, no poker)

After the first half I had no doubt that I win my bets and it would have been o.k. The game was horrible and Washington the better of the horrible teams. But after the break the Bucs really showed heart. Chris Simms (their rookie QB) made some amazing moves keeping the game alive (including a TD). He has the potential to become a really great player in a short time.

All cumulated in a long TD pass that unfortunatly didn't count for the Bucs as the receiver "never had control" of the ball. I think it was a correct decision by the referee but it was indeed a coinflip decision (even after reviewing the situation several times). With the TD and a two-point-conversion (and I'm sure Gruden would have been brave enough for that) they would have won that game. Unfortunatly they lost their last timeout on the challenge and Washington had control of the clock.

So I won all my bets and made a nice win ... but the Bucs really would have deserved to reach the next round!


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