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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm registered

That's it - I got my ticket. I was drawn at table 90 seat 3:

Was there early enough to avoid a long line. Haven't checked were table 90 is - they have a lot of tables...

...but I like the seat 3 position. I hate seats 1 and 10 as they offer limited view on several players. My personal favorite is seat 4, so seat 3 is almost best I could have wished. The good thing on the shootout format is that I will keep this seat (and my opponents) during the entire first round.

As allways they have a problem with the restrooms. That's one of the times were I wish I would be a lady ;-)) the men's restroom is quite far away. Don't laugh - If you manage to stay in the tournament long enough this will be an issue ... and those ten minute breaks every two hours with almost 500 guys running to the restroom that won't be fun.

But the tournament area is nice. They sell some WSOP merchandise there and have set-up a separate final-table with a small seating area in a mini-stadium style and some nice pictures of Raymer, Hachem and other WSOP winners around.


thecortster 6:08 PM  

Good luck Shadow, I'm following your blog closely. I somehow ALWAYS get Seat 1 when I play, wherever I play. It is somehow my curse. Anyways, hopefully whoever is at Table 90 Seat 3 will get some good cards...

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