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Sunday, January 07, 2007

About 2007

The new year has started as well as my new job. Currently I'm only at home on weekends as I have to travel to our main-office for my starting time. Good thing is that I have free internet access in my hotel so I played some more of the 90-player DS tourneys ($10+1) at FullTilt. Made it close to the money on three and won the forth. So my stack is still growing. Hope I can continue the pace and play about 4-5 of those a week.

Started to read the "Mathematics of Poker" by Chen/Ankenman. It's a tremendous book with lots of hidden gems for those who have the ability to find them. I have written a review (german only) at the Poker Academy Forum.

Haven't played live tournaments so far but as said before there are some on my agenda in the near future. As many others I'm waiting for the final schedule of events for the 2007 WSOP. Harrah's will most probably announce them mid to late January. Currently I plan to be in Vegas for the WSOP for at least one week. I won't buy-in for a tournament directly but try to qualify via satellites (on-site or online in advance). Other than that I will play the nightly 2nd-Chance-Tournaments again. And I will definately play at least one tournament at the Caesars and the Venetian (those tournaments get good reviews all the time).

I planned to attend some of the events in Vienna at the CCC. Good poker there and allways a good time to meet some friends like Cort, Sutti, Bla and others. Unfortunately the Spring Festival schedule doesn't look too appealing (at least for me) and I may get a problem due to my attendance of the CeBIT in Hannover.
But I will definately play the CCC Classics in fall due to the fact that I will be in Vienna for a dance competition during that time.

As you may heard: the EPT added a stop in Dortmund (Hohensyburg) in March. A €5,000 buy-in is well beyond my bankroll. I will try some of the FPP sattelites at PokerStars but there are also some smaller buy-in events before and after the EPT that sound quite interesting.

So there are a lot of plans ... let's start to realize them. Even with the UIGEA still around I think 2007 can become a huge year for poker players everywere.


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