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Monday, January 22, 2007

There's always a "Second Life" (no poker content)

Have you ever heard of Second Life? Second Life is a virtual world that allows to built what it is called ... a second (virtual) life. As far as I know Linden Lab created SL originally as a game. But since then it became a kind of community were people meet.

They have a currency called "Linden Dollar" that can be converted into real money. You can spend and earn L$ in this virtual world and lots of companies can be found there. And IBM is one of them. They have a huge area with different places an buildings that can be explored.

As some of you may know I'm usually in Orlando at this time of the year to attend a big conference from IBM called "Lotusphere". Due to my new started job I couldn't go this time. I'm somewhat sad about it because it's always a great experience. For example the opening session has a lot of "brand new announcements" and a special guest. They had New York's former mayor Rudi Giuliani a few years ago who was very impressive and two years ago it was John Cleese who was hillarious. Last years guest Jason Alexander (Friends) was nice but nothing special. But missing this years guest was awful because it was: Neil Armstrong!!!

So what has this to do with my writing about "Second Life"? Well, IBM built a little "Lotusphere" in SL and tomorrow they will host today's opening session there. Of course the place isn't a true copy of Disney's Swan & Dolphin in Orlando but everyone who had been to Lotusphere before will find some little gems that remember him of this place. So I'm really looking forward to get to the virtual Lotusphere... :-)

Oh, and if you stroll around in SL and meet a guy named Shadow Vandyke ... say hello to me ;-))


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