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Monday, January 15, 2007

Two tournaments simultaniously

Unfortunately tonight the Xing tournament and the poker-tester tournament happend at the same day and the same time at PokerStars.

Both had record numbers of participants (43 for Xing and 60 for poker-tester). I played both very aggressive as I wanted to either increase my stack fast or bust out in one to concentrate on the other one. I know that I can't really focus on two tournaments at the same time so this seemed to be the best decision. Well, second best ... best would have been to choose one and skip the other. But both are so much fun to play...
I busted in the poker-tester tournament 40th place and was able to build my stack in the Xing tournament. As always, it helps to be lucky. I was very lucky two times. Especially that hand were I won a huge pot with KK (all-in) vs. AA and AQ on a board that made me a full house (with a Q and a K).

Unfortunately I couldn't catch much hands later and got busted on 7th place with Q9 vs. A9. Two hours of play for nothing as only 5 places got paid.

But it was fun again and I'm happy to see that the poker-tester tournament is still attractive for so many people and that the Xing tournament starts to rock (we averaged 14 people last year).

And not making it into the money was o.k. because I never really got into my game in both tournaments.


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