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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Online challenge - update 3

Here are some numbers of my online challenge:

15 tournaments (90-player-SnG at Full Tilt / $10+1)
since December 20th
for a total of 28.78 hours
amount won $401.10
for $13.94/hour or $26.74/tournament
6 times ITM
(with 2 wins, 2 final tables and 2 times bubbled the final table)

I know that the sample size is much too small for any prediction but there are some observations: From the 9 times out-of-the-money I sucked 6 times ... and if I say "suck" I mean it. I just played bad and didn't pay attention. I deserved to lose. From the other 3 times I was close of being the bubble boy 2 times.

So it looks like almost all times I was focused on my game and payed attention I was either making it ITM or at least very close.

The $10 and below DS's pay 18 places instead of the usual 9 places. The $20 and higher have a standard payout. So I wanted to know if this structure favored me or not. Well, I would have been out-of-the-money two more times. But the higher payouts (especially for first place) would have given me an extra $50 overall (+12%).


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