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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I owe an apologie to Harrah's

As posted before, I now know the dates for my WSOP 2007 adventure. So I decided to look around for some good early bird rates. Most rates I found (at least at places I like to stay) had been about $70 - $80 per night. Just for reference I checked the Rio via the Harrah's website and was surprised to find a rate little above $70 / night. Why not stay at the Rio for that prize? But unfortunately the online-booking system refused to accept my reservation every time. I was so upset that I send a harsh email to Harrah's demanding to give me the rate posted on the internet.

I didn't expect anything more than the usual "...we are sorry ... but there's nothing we can do for you". But I was wrong this time, absolutely wrong.

About 24 hours later (which is super fast for Harrah's) I received an email telling me "...we are sorry" huh? "...and of course we can give you the posted rate but for your inconvenience we also comp you half of your stay." WOW!

Now I got 10 nights at the Rio for an average $37 / night during the WSOP!

I never, ever expected this from Harrah's and I happily accepted their offer and apologised for any harsh words I used in my email. What a start into the 2007 WSOP season :-)) This is exactly the kind of marketing that most companies don't understand: lose some money on the hotel room but have a customer that is more than happy and tells this to everyone else. Of course they corrected their error and the rate posted on the website is now between $200 and $290 per night.


CarmenSinCity 3:44 AM  

WOW! I am impressed too because I never expect anything good to come from Harrah's. Congratulations :)

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