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Monday, January 29, 2007

First shot on the FullTilt 300k guaranteed

Usually I can't play on sunday nights but this time I could so I tried the 300k guaranteed at FullTilt (which has a DS structure comparable to those tournaments I usually play there). This night they had 2,115 players (including Andy Bloch, Toto Leonidas and others from the FT team) for a total prizepool of $423,000.

I had a good start and played a good game. Unfortunately I got a bad beat calling an all-in with QQ vs. AK ... a King on the flop saved my opponent. Instead of being in good shape I now was almost shortstacked. Got some decent hands and crawled back from the hole. After the table change I made a very bad call in the 100/200 blind level. I had AQ in the BB. MP raised to 600 (with 600 left). Decided to take him all-in with my hand but LP raised to 1,200 before me. I should have folded ... but for whatever reason decided to call. Flop wasn't any help. I checked and LP raised another 1,200. I folded and he won the pot with KK. I easily could have saved that 1,000 chips. Recovered again a little but with 3,600 chips and blinds 140/280, 25 ante it was time for a move. AT was my best shot here. Everybody folded to the BB who had me covered and called my all-in with QQ. Damn, bad timing again! Got some additional outs with a Ten on the turn but no more help on the river. Out on 738th position (306 got paid).


CarmenSinCity 4:12 PM  

I'm sure you are right about the neteller thing. I don't mind being patient. I just hope they don't run away with everyone's money.

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