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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 1 of the "Shorthanded Deepstack" in Drogheda, Irland has come to an end

"Irish players actually hold the top 11 positions, Harald Gaerttner [yes me ;-)] in 12th is the highest placed visiting player at the moment, Nicolas Ragot [France] right behind him in 13th." from the Green Joker Poker Blog.

There's a story behind that line ... as Ragot was sitting on my table and was responsible for making my day much harder then it could have been. Early in the tournament I was up 3,000 from the original 20,000 when we clashed in a hand. I had raised preflop with KJs but Ragot had reraised me. From what I saw from him before I assumed he wanted to take the pot down right here with something medicore and called. Flop was K-5-x, I bet 3/4 of the pot. He called. Turn was a Queen. I shoot another bullet, he called again. River is blank but the pot already big enough that I won't let it go. Another bet ... he thought for some time, asked if I have KQ ... and called ... showing K5. No Fold'em Hold'em poker french style ;-) Unfortunately I was down to 15K after that hand and it took me half of the night to recover from this. I know I played this hand very aggressively but it was the right way to do so against this kind of opponent.

In general it was a nice table. Not so good players except one guy from Scottland (lot's of limping) but a great atmosphere. We had a great laugh at the end of a hand when I raised from the cutt-off with 35s. Button (the french guy) called, as well did the decent guy from Scottland in the Big Blind. Flop was QJA (great flop for 35, lol), it's checked around. Turn is a 3. Nice but not wort anything. Check. River is another Queen. Check. Scotish guy open folds 57s and I split the pot with the french guy showing 36s. So much about making moves ;-)

Unfortunately I didn't came back from those 15K for a long time. But sometimes a table change helps. It was a weired situation. I raised with AQs from EP just in that moment when the TD came by telling me that I have to move. Another player called. I missed the flop completely but went on with a huge continuation bet. He hesitates for some time but then calls. He seemed not to be happy about the call. Still no hit on the turn but three spades now. Being sure he wasn't on a flush I decided to either bust here or go to the new table with at least 20K. Quick all-in and he folds.

At the new table I hade a tremendous run of cards for about 45 minutes. Not the biggies like AA or KK but well playable card that connected quite well with the flop. Although I was the "smallest" stack (still with an M of 20) on the table I fully controlled them for some time. I had huge piles in front of me - especially 25's from picking up a lot of small pots and antes.

At my high point I was at around 45K but then settled for 33-37K for some time. With 400/800 - 100 still a good and healthy stack. Then this hand happend: I get TT in EP and raise to 2,500. Big Blind (how is also the big stack) calls. Flop is 3-3-5 rainbow. He checks, I bet 5,000 and he goes all-in. Damn ... I think for a long time. There's a pot that has already 11,000 in it. He has me covered so now the total pot including my bet would be over 60,000 and I have just 24K left. Tough decision with just 90 minutes to go in the day. What could he have. Overpair ... just flat calling my raise? Trips ... very aggressive move then with no flushdraw. I finally call ... he says gould call and shows ATo. My pair holds up and I am at 60K now ... back to average.

The last 2 hours had been the hardest. You could see a lot of tired faces and altough I was in quite good condition those last two hours of a total of 12 were a real pain. But after winning this hand I felt so great like I had fershly started the tournament. Now I knew I that I would make it through the first day and I aim for making it into the money tomorrow.

At least with my current stack I have all possibkle options at the upcoming 800/1,600 - 200 level this evening at 6:30pm GMT. There are now 24 of the original 97 going into Day 2 with approx. 10 getting paid for their efforts.


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