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Friday, February 08, 2008

FTOPS VII - Event 4 ($200+16 PL Hold'em)

Had a good run in the beginning busting two people during the first two levels. First one was hitting to pair with AJ vs. AQ and second one trip sevens vs. two pair (KT). That boosted my stack to 11.900 and I was even chipleader for some time. Managed to stick in the top 20 for about 2 hours.

Unfortunately I was stuck there with around 17K before I took down a huge pot with AK vs. AJ against a shortstack. Up to 21K I got KK in the very next hand. A shortstack raised and I re-raised him all-in. He called, showed A6 ... and flopped an Ace. Back down to 16K.

At the begining of the third hour (still around 60th to 70th place) I got AKs in the small blind. I raised but got re-raised by an aggressive player in the big blind who had re-raised my raises for some time now. So I called his bet ... and missed the flop completely. I decided to test if he was just trying to steal and made a decent continuation bet just to be faced with an all-in (he had me covered). Now I was sure that I was up against a pocket pair and folded. Down to 3,900 and severely shortstacked.

Looking back this continuation bet was a very bad play with just 225 players left of the original 1,215 (135 getting in the money). But I was tired of getting re-raised by him and having to fold my decent hands. But with almost 10K left and blinds 300/600 I would have had a good chance to make it at least into the money. On the other hand I should have gone the whole road after the continuation bet (also I was sure I was behind) and call the remaining 4K into a 20K pot. With probably 6 outs I would have still gotten the right odds.

Busted out little later with KQs and no help in 194th position after 3.5 hours.


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