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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How much can you pay for a gutshot?

I got a nice promotion from a pokerroom: a $40+4 tournament with 20 players and 10 places getting paid. There was some added money (awarding places 6-10 at least $50) and an added ticket for an online tournament worth $1,040 for first place.

So you can expect the play was very tight in the beginning as we startet with 3,000 chips and 12 minute levels.

During the 25/50 level all players at our table had still between 2,400 and 4,000 chips and we had lost just one player so far. In that situation I got dealt QQ in the small-blind. There was one limper in MP and I raised it to 150. The Big blind called as well as the limper. Board came 9h-7s-5s. Although I didn't liked the two spades, the flop itself wasn't that bad. I bet 300 into a 450 pot and got two callers. Turn was the 8s. Didn't like that one but decided that I had to keep the lead here. Betting 700 into the 1,350 pot the BB called and the early limper folded. River was the 4h and I bet 1,400 expecting either a raise if he had hit his flush or a fold.

But I didn't expect a call from the guy showing me then Th Jc for a straight! Calling my pre-flop raise is already quite loose. With a limper in front a steal from me wasn't likely. But calling my bet on the flop with just a gutshot-draw into a dangerous flop and no spade at all goes beyond my mind. And calling another bet on the turn with a straight against a posssible flush is not much better.

Of course I played a dangerous game here. If I would have lost against the nut-flush or if he had outplayed me by raising (inducing that he had hit the flush) I wouldn't complain at all. But calling down this hand and getting rewarded is truly sad.

With just 950 chips left I took my chances with QJo in the 50/100 level and was up against TT. Flop came Q-3-5 but turn was a Ten and I was out (of the money) in 18th position in a tournament that pays 50% of the players. Unbelievable!


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