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Friday, February 01, 2008

Bad Beats in Dublin

I'm sure that most of you are tired of bad beat stories ... so if you can't stand them you better skip this entry.

My first tournament (€20+3 freezeout) brought me back to the Jackpot Club. Not much to report here except of my exit hand. Got dealt AJo and went all-in with 3,900 chips (blinds 200/400) and got called by ATo. Great, I'm ahead! Flop comes a Ten. Damn, I'm behind! Turn is a Jack. I'm ahead again! River is a Ten. I'm out on 15th position of 53.

Those tournaments are dealt by playing dealers. In general there is nothing wrong with that if you have experienced dealers. But those at the Jackpot Club are more like players that have learned how to deal. And with a tournament director that isn't able to run a tournament smoothly there's a lot of small things that might go wrong and may (unintenionally) favor a player in some way over some others. Personally I wouldn't play a bigger buy-in event under this conditions at the Jackpot Club. Will be interesting to see how the Sporting Emporium (the place I play tomorrow) can handle the tournament action.

Over to the cashgame (€1/2 PL) ... with real dealers. Was somewhat ahead in the beginning but went card dead for four hours. And of course even those rare but marginally playable hands never connected with the flop. Recovered later almost to my initial buy-in when this hand happend: Got KK and raised it to the maximum from EP. Two callers. Flop was T75 with two hearts. Bet the pot and still two callers. Turn was an Ace (no heart) ... not the card I wanted to see with Pocket Kings. I could have checked here but decided for a bet (half of the pot). One fold but the other player went all-in. I assumed that he was on a flush draw when he called the flop but now it looked like he had hit his Ace. He had me covered and the pot was way too big to give my hand up here. He showed AT for two pair and the River was blank. Maybe my bet on the turn was too aggressive here. Without that bet it would have been much more easier for me to fold on his action. But I would have given him the option to represent the Ace even if he had nothing. What puzzles me most is that he assumed that his TPTK was good on the flop although I bet the maxiumum preflop and on the flop from EP. What did he think I could hold with that betting pattern?

In some way the whold day was a bad beat. First Aer Lingus gave me a different seat than reserved. As I had paid €3 for the reservation I insisted on my seat. Bad idea ... I had some very annoying and loud people in front of me. On the bus to the city my ticket didn't work. I didn't work on either bus so far. So I think it is damaged. In the bus I had the next bunch of annoying people (with even more annoying kids) around me. When I left the bus for a stop at the Starbucks on my way to the hotel it was cold but sunny (well, that is the good part). But when I left the Starbucks 15 minutes later there was a small rain- and snowstorm. In the hotel I got the worst possible room: small, no wireless-lan access and cold. I wasn't able to get the heating working so (fortunately) I got a new room which was warm and much nicer. Wirless-lan is working but the connection is medicore.

So I hope things will be better tomorrow...


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