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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something has changed

There has been a significant change in my tournament game since I played in Drogheda. The weired thing is that I can't exactly tell what it is.

For a long time I played solid tournaments but I missed one important thing: I almost never was the big stack or at least a well above average stack going into the middle (=important) phase of a tournament. Since I played in Drogheda (and it started there) I am able to build much bigger stacks than in the past. This results in much more options in how to play the game. One would think that this comes together with an increased bustout rate in the early stages. But this isn't the case. In fact I my early bustout rate has even decreased a little right now. In addition, 13 hours of shorthanded poker definately increased my endgame in a huge way.

So it's not a surprise that I cashed in two of my last four tournaments since Drogheda. One ITM at the FTOPS and a tournament win at the Poker Club in Salzburg yesterday. I busted out from another FTOPS shortly before the money due to my own fault (making a real bad play). Just postive side of the standard deviation (aka luck)? Well, you have to hit at the right time or have players doing bad plays. No doubt about that. But in general my cards are decent but not incredibly great. So I won't say it's just a typical upswing.

I realise some small changes in my game but I am surprised that they seem to have such a great impact. In addition there are some surroundings that might have a positive effect. I sounds weired but it is a fact that your results get significantly better when you're balanced in the rest of your life and go into the game with the right confidence. Even if you are a good player your edge is slim - so being in good mood will help to avoid mistakes and will result in better decisions. Just a small addition to your edge but every single bit counts. So sorting out some things in my life might have helped too.

And although I didn't cash in Drogheda and I was devastated for almost a whole day I came back with a much bigger confidence about my own game. Looks like Drogheda was much more for me than just a nice trip to a great tournament.

I'm sure there will be downs sooner or later again. There will be dry runs again as well as bad beats and own mistakes but that is part of the game. But I know I made a big step forward in my game ... and that's the only thing that counts!


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