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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Monday, February 11, 2008

FTOPS VII - Event 8 ($120+9 Shorthanded K.O.)

6,000 players made it a full tournament just minutes before the start. That made it about $114,000 for the first prize winner. Only 492 payed places ... very tough.

I had a good start and on my second table I met Søren Kongsgaard (3rd place EPT Grand Final, Monte Carlo). At this time I had around 6,000 chips while Søren was at 12,000. With AK I raised it and Søren called. Flop K-T-x. I bet all streets and he called all my bets down to the river. At the end he showed JT and I was up to 12,000 while he was down to 6,000. He later recovered but eventually ended in the middle of the field with no cash. But it was interesting to watch him play ... those Danish players seem to be as aggressive as the Skandinavians.

After that I had to change tables for three times quite quickly. Shortly before the third break I was up to 30,000 raking in a nice pot in a AQ vs. KQ confrontation were we both hit our Queen.

Then I got a real present: SB raised and I assumed that he was either on a steal or at least not very strong and made the call from the BB with KQo. Flop came Q-Q-T and he went all-in immediately having me covered (had 23,000 left). I called in a second and he showed AT. Up to 52,000 then. From there I made it to my higest point of 74,000 and straight into the money.

Lost some chips but still had about 60,000 chips when I lost a big pot with A9h vs. AKo. Two hearts on the board but no third heart and neither a nine showed up. Down to 32,000.

The next hand a big stacks made a min. raise and I called from the big blind (blinds 1000/2000 with 250 ante). Flop came 3-5-J and I went all-in for my remaining 28,000. He called and showed 35s. What a cruel way to end a tournament that ran so well for 3.5 hours.

Final placement: 364th of 6,000 for a $228 cash + $20 Bounty. Nice cash but without that beat at the end there would have been room for much more!

I love short-handed play. It gives room for so much action with so many flops to see. I will have another shot next Friday with Event #15 the $200+16 6-max. And of course my plans to play the shorthanded event at the WSOP become more and more reality.


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