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Monday, April 04, 2005

...and some success

As said in my last post I have to learn it the hard way. And it's a lot of fun if something goes right like you planned it:

Raised an A,K pre-flop and got one caller. The flop didn't help me (but still left some outs for the turn). The other player checked and usually I would have checked too and hoped for the turn.

But I took a second look at the flop and it was a nice combination of cards that could have easily completed a straight for someone with the right hole cards.
As my opponent checked (and I was sure that he wouldn't check-raise me here) he probably was on a high pair (or missed the possible straight).

So I decided to take a bluff. I know that bluffing is quite difficult in Low-Limit. But at this time those people knew that I usually play & raise only quality hands. I took two big pots with big cards just recently. I took a shot for a raise hoping he thought I made the straight.
And guess: He folded :-))

This was a semi-bluff as I still had several outs but I figured that I would be better off to try to kick him out of this hand now.

This doesn't work all the time. And it would be a great mistake to bluff too often but it's nice to see that it works under the right circumstances. And if the risk/reward ratio is positiv this is a +EV move.


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