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Friday, April 15, 2005

The final test is coming this weekend

Two more weeks before the big trip to Vegas. Time to take my Poker knowledge to a final test. A whole weekend from Friday late evening to Monday early morning will be devoted to Texas Hold'em in a 24 hour B&M cardroom. Let's see how it goes and how many hours of playing time I can log in.

This weekend trip brought up an important question: how much of my bankroll should I take with me?
I use a session stopp/loss at 30 BigBets. I know S/L doesn't make sense in terms of the long run but at this time I am happy with it. After losing 30 BB's I'm currently mentally down and it's time to evaluate my play. And this of course is a good reason to stop. I have no fixed stopp/win - I play as long as I have fun and feel good with my game (not getting tired etc.)

I know that my overall bankroll should be 300 BB's. But I haven't found the numbers in between - until I read Fred Renzey's "77 Ways To Get The Edge At Casino Poker". I hate the title and I was a little reluctant as it is from Frank Scoblet's "Get The Edge"-Series (with a foreword by Scoblete). But I knew Renzey from his BJ Bluebook and he didn't dissapoint me with that one, too. I will post a short report after I read it completely.

Back to the topic:
He provides some interesting numbers that are very helpful: He uses 600 BB's as overall bankroll (which is somewhat conservative, but I'm fine with that. His 60 BB session BR is to high for me (at least now). Using a trip BR for a whole 5-day-trip (like Vegas) of 150 BB's sounds reasonable. And I came up with a stake of 100 BB's that should be sufficient for this weekened.

The next question wasn't answered in the book but I could answer it myself: How much to take to the table? Well in BJ I hade a session limit too (for similar reasons as in Poker plus as a heat stopper). But in BJ I need to take substantiel more with me than in Poker. Why? That's easy.
Before playing a hand in BJ I have to be aware that I might need some money infusion due to splits, re-splits and doubles (and worst: Insurances). I don't need that in Poker. I am not allowed to buy-in during the hand and if I buy-in after the cards are dealt I gain no advantage because I have no knowledge if I get AA or the doomed 72o...

So to determine my session BR is much easier than in BJ and I will set my session BR to the stop-loss at 30 units.

Time to go to bed.
Some work in the morning and more Poker tonight...


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