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Monday, April 25, 2005

Less than 5 days till Vegas

It's now less than 5 days and I'm excited as I was on my first BJ Trip 5 years ago.
I took some time this weekend to refine my poker strategy. Not much had to be done regarding pre-flop play. I decided for tight to very tight play and I am fine with that. But my recent experiences in live games showed a lack of post-flop strategy. I think I played to many losing positions: Bottom pairs, overcards on the board etc. And I didn't use pot-odds often enough to verify if my draws are worth a call or should be folded.

To practice tournaments I played several Multi-Table and Sit'n'go tournaments at Ultimatebet and Full Tilt with some success. I placed in the money on several but could have done better on others. The Sit'n'goes had been a good practice for short handed play. I was much to tight in the beginning but got better results in the end (by placing in the money between 1st and 3rd most of the time).

There's not much more to do this week - I think/hope that I'm well prepared.

I made a list of poker rooms to visit. On top of the list are the MGM and the Wynn. I will try to make a short visit to the Wynn casino on my first night (and maybe start with poker there). I will meet with two people I don't know yet (one is a poster in my german Poker & BJ Forum and the other is from another Vegas forum). Think it will be fun to meet somebody you now for a long time through internet posting but never met in person before.

I will visit Al Rogers from bj21.com to pick up my copy of Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker" - a brand new book from King Yao. I will post a review as soon as I read it. Maybe I will meet Stanford Wong - unfortunatly I missed him the last times I was in the office of bj21.com.
Another place to visit is the "Gamblers Book Shop" - the best ressource for gambling books in Las Vegas.

I will try to write a daily diary as long as I'm in Vegas but I'm not sure if I can make it. I recently changed my internet provider and I don't know yet if I get the same cheap and easy access in the hotel room that I had on my last trips.


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