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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mistakes, Mistakes ... learning the hard way

As said before I don't like to play online. And I hate to play with "play money" - It isn't poker if losing doesn't hurt you.
So using a sim software isn't an option for me, too.

Yes, I read the books and create my strategy but I have to proof it in a live game in a B&M casino. I am aware that this might cost some money but this is the way for me.

Good thing I found a game that is not too far away and offers low limits.
So I have virtually no travel expenses and can play a limit that I can easily afford (compared to my former BJ play) but still hurts if I lose due to errors.

The game has a lot of bad players. A lot of raising and re-raising with every cards you can imagine. And some calling stations as well.

But even that kind of game will only be profitable if you don't make mistakes.
And I realize that I still make a lot of them.
My pre-flop play is fine. I would call it "tight & very aggressive".
But you have to pay a price fo this style: You must be willing to fold your already raised hand at a missed flop. I didn't do this often enough in the beginning. And that cost me a lot of money. And learning to fold on the turn/river if you are sure you're beaten with a good hand (e.g. low card flush) is even harder.

But I am learning and it is getting better now. Still a few weeks to prepare for real action in Las Vegas.

Am I still happy with my decision to walk away from BJ and turn to Poker? Hell, yes!
I love it. I have to learn much more but it's a great game and I feel that it suits my style. I started way to late to become one of the big players in the poker world (I'm close to 40 now) but I am quite sure I will be able to be a winning player in the long run.


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