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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Computerkids vs. Live Casino Players

I start to realize how big the differences are - between the online poker-kids and people who play mainly live casinos...

I always hear about those people that play online up to four games at the same time. And I just wanted to try it myself. So tonight I played two online tournaments parallel. One at UltimateBet and the other at Full Tilt Poker.
I thought it should be quite easy as there is a lot of boredom for a tight player in a single game. I was plain wrong!

Playing that way the game gets fast ... really fast. And the fun starts if you get things like AQs in both games at the same time. Raising (and later folding) one and folding the other immediatly due to the others players actions. At the showdown both of my opponents in both games had AA and AK. Weird things happen sometimes.

Maybe I'm getting too old but this is definitly to fast for me. I like to take some time for my critical decisions. And part of my decisions is to know my opponents. With two or more tables at the same time I'm not able to read my opponents anymore.

But it's good to realise that those "kids" must have a completely different approach to the game. And most of them won't be able to adjust this when it comes to the live game. I don't like to play those "kids" on their territory but I invite them into mine ;-))

PS: You can find me at "UltimateBet" and "Full Tilt Poker" with the handle "ShadowBJ21". Most probably it will be at a tournament table.


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