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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Poker can be cruel

Just finnished 7th in an online tournament at UltimateBet. Won $81 with a $30+3 Buy-In. I'm happy with that result. Was somewhat short stacked at the end and went "All-In" with A9o just to get called by the chip leader with A9o(!). But the next round he got me with 10,10.

10 places paid so you can imagine that it took a long time to eliminate the 11th player. At the end one of the guys with a medium to short stack went "All-In" just to get called buy the chip leader. It was a good move in my opinion (before I knew what the medium stack had). The chip leader could easily afford to lose but had a fair shot to kick him out (even with his 52o)...but medium stacked showed AA! Ouch!

So how did we go to the final table? 52o cracked AA with a 5 on the flop and another 5 on the river!

That's why they still call it gambling ;-))


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