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Sunday, April 10, 2005

There will always be fish!

Recently I placed well into the money in a small live tournament.
As it was a small local tournament there were plenty of fish.

I was always wondering why there are so many fish. Learning the basic & advanced principles of poker play (as well as BS strategy and card counting in BJ) isn't a thing I would call very difficult. Of course you have to put in some effort but it can be done.

During the tournament I had plenty of time to watch the other players and I now realize that things that are easy for me aren't neccessarily easy for others.
Those people had sometimes difficulties to get the easiest things straight: like adding the right amount of money into the pot after they have been raised etc.

Don't understand me wrong! I don't say they are silly or dumb. It's just they look at the game from a different standpoint. They had fun and were caught in the action. Some of them were just to lazy or not interested in putting in further efforts.
They just don't like to invest that time into poker that I do.

On a real money table they will be toast quite fast. I'm fine with that - I'm there to get their money. Something wrong with that? I don't think so!
It's the basic principle of gambling. Money always comes from someone and goes to someone else. The strong/better take it from the weak. The same applied for card counting in BJ but there is a BIG difference: In BJ I don't take the money directly from the ploppies. They have to contribute to the casino and I take it from the casino. But if they wouldn't pay - I wouldn't get my share from the casino. So the ploppie pays the casino and/or the cardcounter in some way.

But in poker the feeling is different. You take it directly from the fish. It's not like David (the cardcounter) beats Goliath (the casino) - here Goliath is the winner over David.
It still feels nice to take money from guys you dislike but to take money from a nice guy is much harder. I have to learn to resist to teach him and tell him his errors. Because if I do so...there's one fish less in the pond.
But as said in the headline...there will always be fish. So I think I will continue to teach some of the nice guys and wait for the next "bad fish".


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